Organization / Program Name(s) Description (Brief) Address
Family Day Care Services, Cherrytree Child Care Centre Licensed Before and After School Program. 155 Cherrytree Drive 
Brampton, ON 
Canada L6Y 3M9
Family Day Care Services, Family Day Collegeside Early Learning Centre Licensed child care centre. 7899 McLaughlin Road 
Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9
Family Day Care Services, Hickory Wood Child Care Centre Licensed child care centre. 630 Ray Lawson Blvd. 
Brampton, ON L6Y 4W8
Fletcher's Creek Children's Centre Licensed Child Care Centre for children from 18 months to 12 years of age. 92 Malta Avenue 
Brampton, ON 
Canada L6Y 4C8
PLASP Child Care Services, Pauline Vanier Catholic School Before and After School Programs 56 Oaklea Blvd. 
Brampton, ON L6Y 4G5
PLASP Child Care Services, St. Kevin Child Care Centre Licensed child care centre. 103 Malta Avenue 
Brampton, ON L6Y 4C8