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Map RecordJustice for Children and Youth

Map RecordCDR0050Justice for Children and Youth 415 Yonge St, Suite 1203 
Toronto, ON M5B 2E7
416-920-1633 Legal clinic that represents and advocates for youth (under 18yrs) on matters such as: welfare, education, children's aid, getting off the street, family or criminal law. 
Advises and represents youth who want into or out of children's aid care. Answers questions or concerns about their placement or program while in care. 
Gives legal advice to young persons and care providers regarding the right to consent to and refuse treatment; assists young people who are having trouble getting OHIP. 
Advocates for youth who are in jail at youth centres or in detention. 
Represents children and youth who are not living with a parent and are seeking access to siblings only. The Office of the Children's Lawyer represents children and youth in custody and access disputes. They are appointed by the court and the parents' lawyers can request this appointment. 
Helps young people who are not living with a parent get enrolled in school; helps children and parents obtain appropriate special education placements by giving legal advice relating to the various processes under the Education Act; provides summary advice to parents throughout Ontario and will consult with other lawyers and clinics to assist them in representing clients outside the Toronto area; represents low-income children and youth who have been suspended or excluded from school or who face expulsion from a school board; gives advice about truancy and about information, records and privacy issues. 
DOES NOT practice immigration or refugee law. However will assist children and youth obtain OHIP or school enrolment when their immigration status is an issue; and will assist other lawyers and clinics with this area of law as it relates to the Charter and to international human rights instruments. 
Provides summary advice and representation, when necessary, for young people who have left or are considering leaving their parents' home (issues often involve child welfare, support, family and social assistance law); assists in the recovery of personal possessions being withheld by a parent when a young person leaves home. 
Acts for youth who are locked in mental health facilities (secure treatment/psychiatric wards) or who are in a facility for mental health reasons. 
Represents youth (16-17yrs) who are trying to get general welfare assistance or who have been cut off; gives summary advice to persons seeking the foster parent benefit and to young parents applying for family benefits. 
Provides summary advice to young persons and assistance to legal counsel where youth are seeking financial support from their parents (the youth should be able to obtain a legal aid certificate). In this area, assists youth living independently - but NOT youth living with a parent. 
Tries to challenge laws that discriminate against children or youth, or laws which fail to take into account the best interests or wishes of children and youth, from the perspective of the young person; will also represent children and youth in cases which involve the interpretation of legislation pertaining to them such as the Child and Family Services Act or the Young Offenders Act. 
Represents young persons who wish to protect the privacy of personal records (e.g. CAS files, school records, medical records, etc.) in criminal proceedings (defence lawyers may try to use these records to undermine the testimony of victims of crime in the trial against the accused); helps young people make claims before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. (DOES NOT assist with personal injury claims in civil courts). 
Helps young people in trouble with the law by giving them information about the legal system and their rights; helps them find lawyers and refers them to other resource; represents youth who are charged in incidents in schools, group homes and jail; represents youth with learning or other difficulties; may do appeals depending on the issues; does reviews of dispositions to help a youth get into open custody or on probation; will do bail hearings and general advocacy for youth without lawyers.
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (phones on voice mail 12 - 1 p.m.) Add Record Add Record

Map RecordOntario. Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Court Of Justice, Provincial Division, Family Court

Map RecordCDR0182Ontario. Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario Court Of Justice, Provincial Division, Family Court A Grenville & William Davis Courthouse 
7755 Hurontario St, Ste 100 
Brampton, ON L6W 4T6
905-456-4702 Family Court hears matters pertaining to the Family Law Act, Childrens Law Reform Act, Child and Family Services Act. Deals with questions of child custody, spousal and child support, and access to children in cases of marriage breakdown, including responsibilities of parents. Deals with protection of children as provided for by above mentioned Acts. Hears matters of assault and threatening between family members under provisions of Criminal Code of Canada. Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5 pm Add Record Add Record

Map RecordPeel Family Mediation Services

Map RecordCDR0193Peel Family Mediation Services 7755 Hurontario St, Room 250 
Brampton, ON L6W 4T1
905-456-4700 ext 5662 A not-for-profit, organization with charitable status this program offers: * court-based family mediation services * family law information sessions called Mandatory Information Program (MIP) * community education * outreach & research * interpreter services are arranged for clients upon request *Information and Referral Coordinators are available daily to provide free information pertaining to family matters Office Hours: Mon-Fri from 8:30 am-4:30 pm 
After hours may be available on a case by case basis
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