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Map RecordPeel Health Services Department, Public Health, Sexual Health & Communicable Disease Division

Map RecordMHL0707Peel Health Services Department, Public Health, Sexual Health & Communicable Disease Division 7120 Hurontario Street, 5th Fl 
Mississauga, ON L5M 2C1
905-799-7700 Sexual health clinic * health professionals test for and treat sexually transmitted infections * family planning services 
* birth control counselling 
* testing for sexually transmitted infections  
* pregnancy test and counselling 
* sexual health information and counselling 
* sexuality and relationship counselling 
* immunizations (Hepatitis A and B Vaccine and HPV Vaccine) 
Anonymous HIV Testing - HIV information and testing * outreach services and education * referral to community services * pre-test counselling on how people get HIV, and what a positive or negative test result might mean * post-test counselling to discuss the results
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Map RecordPeel Public Health

Map RecordBRA0083Peel Public Health 7120 Hurontario Street 
Mississauga, ON L5W 1N4
Health Line Peel 905-799-7700 Regional health department

Chronic Disease And Injury Prevention Division - develops programs, services and policies designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices including healthy eating, physical activity and smoking cessation * injury prevention * substance abuse reduction * promotion of healthy living for youth * operates the Children in Need of Treatment Program in which dental hygienists conduct dental screenings for elementary school-aged children and identify those who are in immediate need of treatment

Environmental Health Division - checks the safety of food and beverages in restaurants and processing plants (any food-related illness and recall of contaminated foods form part of the overall Food Safety Program) * investigates diseases transmitted from animals to people, including rabies * checks the quality of water in recreational pools and swimming pools * monitors private wells and sewage systems * investigates community concerns relating to environmental health

Family Health Division - promotes the health of children (birth-6yrs) and their families * topics include: planning a pregnancy, having a healthy baby, breastfeeding, parenting, nutrition, learning about the growth and development of your child * responsible for implementing the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program, a province-wide, prevention / early intervention program designed to assist children to meet their developmental milestones

Sexual Health And Communicable Diseases Division - provides services to protect the public from reportable and sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) * operates six Healthy Sexuality Clinics throughout the Region * provides confidential counselling and clinical services related to birth control and sexually transmitted infections including anonymous HIV/AIDS testing (to all ages) * includes counselling for birth control * Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) * anonymous HIV Testing * pregnancy testing * sexual health * responsible relationships

* operates the Region's Immunization Program which reduces the incidence of vaccine- preventable disease and provides Hepatitis B vaccine to Grade 7 students through school-based clinics

Communicable Diseases Section - provides access to the reporting and follow-up of reportable communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis Control; Hepatitis A & B; Meningitis * coordinates vaccine distribution to Peel physicians * monitors immunization records for all students

Also offers services at a number of different satellite offices.
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